Terrywilson3 Software / GaryGreene1.com


4 ways to join

  1. Sales Rep
  2. Sales Rep & Trainer
  3. Plus Member & Trainer
  4. Elite Member & Trainer

Your income, work type, and business goals are what would dictate what we would recommend. Below is a general overview of each membership level and the benefits they provide.

A Sales Rep or Affiliate is where our membership level begins. It cost absolutely nothing to join, no purchase of product required, and we give you a lead generation software to start calling other business professionals to re-sell our marketing systems, softwares, and strategies. A Sales Rep is not required to service any sale they make and are only responsible for calling on new clients and re-selling the system. Training, support, and on-boarding is handled by their trainers. A Sales Rep makes $100 – $300 per sale that they make.



A Sales Rep & Trainer is a reseller and trainer of our system and software. There are some major advantages to having this level of credentials over the Sales Rep level. Here are just a few:

  • No Cold Calling. Clients Call You
  • More Money. $400 – $1200 per client
  • Leverage the efforts of others. You now can hire, recruit, and train sales reps/affiliates
  • Membership training & use of software & system


A Plus Member & Trainer not only has re-sell rights and training credentials with us like a SR&T, but also has the ability to earn without every having to make a sell. The Plus Membership is for the existing entrepreneur that would like to have our systems and software to use in their existing business, as well as re-sell it for an additional stream of income. The Plus Member has everything the first 2 levels have PLUS:

  • RMP to do referral marketing & training
  • 1 on 1 coaching (4 sessions)


An Elite Member has everything our other membership packages have but with a tremendous amount more of earning potential. For the high income earner who wants to have all the tools and training needed for a $250K+ per year income this is the package. It has in addition to all the other levels:

  • Online Store, Auto-booking System & Podcast
  • Residual Income & Overrides on RMP production
  • Phone Support from TW3


We do not recommend nor accept everyone who applies to join our business. The reason is simple, we are not a fit for everyone. We have other job & business opportunities outside of our business we can recommend to people who may find more value in other opportunities. If you would like to apply to see if we are a fit for you, or if there is another opportunity somewhere else that may be better go to terrywilson3.com/apply today!