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  We want to thank you for inquiring about our Sales Rep Position. Attached the webinar for you to view at the bottom and just wanted to send you some information about the work from home opportunity. This will give you an overview of what it would look like for you to work remotely.
We are a Business Software Products Company that are operational in the United States. We are now marketing in Canada, The United Kingdom and Australia. The new markets opening have created an increased demand for more account sales reps.
Our reps are paid three different ways:
1) $750-$1,500 Commission paid at the point of sale. Receive inbound calls via our virtual office from customers looking for our product. If you make 1 sale per day, 5 days per week you will generate $2,000 to $5,000 per week.
2) RMP Marketing Platform
3) VM Broadcast Marketing Service- Average Commission is $600 per closed account paid monthly.
All sales begin with the customer initiating contact. So there is no cold calling whatsoever. You can take calls from the call center 24 hours a day.
If you can answer inbound sales calls and follow a short script, you qualify for this sales opportunity.
Please view the links below for a presentation of the product we’re selling and our live inbound call center. Write down any questions you may have and give me a call.

1st Webinar Below–Software Products Information, how to make money without selling anything & Inbound Calls. Click on video below to start-WATCH IN FULL 30mins

(CLICK ON pre-interview link AT THE END OF webinar 30MIN)

You do not have to buy our software products. The webinars are covering most of the product line.


Please watch both webinars before you decide so that your on boarding process is smooth, and we can get you started ASAP.

Make sure you fill out a pre interview survey form (click on SCREEN in webinars).
After you’re finished filling out your pre interview form, then set a appointment w/ (Gary Greene) and proceed to the 2nd part of the interview. New Fast Track Training is now available by contacting me at my number below.




Agent Name Gary Greene
TW3 Business Consultant & Career Coach
Office (Sales):(888)-600-7454 ext.381#